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How to remove
Personal Information from Google 

Do you have an online reputation problem and can't remove content that concerns you? You are in the right place!

We deal with content removal on web and much more.

Web Legal Manager works to remove, de-index or modify any negative content present on the web, whatever its form (newspaper article, image, video, social account, etc.).

Come rimuovere informazioni personali da Google

How to delete news from google

If you think that an online content can act negatively on your reputation, we can improve it by intervening with the removal.


We act to protect the privacy, the copyright and the right to be forgotten, as well as exploiting any other legislation capable of protecting the individual or company in question within the so-called jungle of the Web. 

In favor of the protection of the individual, the "Right to be forgotten", also known as "Right to Cancellation", i.e. the way to "obtain from the data controller the cancellation of personal data concerning him without unjustified delay, furthermore the data controller has the obligation to cancel your personal data without undue delay". 

We therefore take advantage of all the most up-to-date legal tools, which with our IT skills help us to achieve the result in a safe and effective way.

Come cancellare notizie da Google

What you need to provide us to delete news from the Internet

For deleting content from the web we need a URL (link) that we will analyze for free to understand if it was possible to complete the removal. 

We collaborate with the webmasters of websites and with the Google search engine to go and delete news from the Internet or to de-index the contents you want. 


Where it is not possible to delete or de-index content, we offer you the better solution for your online reputation.

Among the other solutions, it is possible to file a complaint with the Privacy Guarantor or set up a neutral or positive content creation service that can lower negative content in the ranking of Google results.

So our aim is to ensure that anyone who wants to look for you online can find only what you want. 

If we fail to achieve the goal,

you will not have to pay the link's price.

Contact us

 +39 375 7710912

Otherwise fill out the form below, you will receive a free analysis of the contents to be removed and a possible relative estimate 

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