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Finanaza Agevolata


Funds and financing for your business

There are numerous European, national and regional contributions made available to encourage and encourage the creation and development of businesses.


Our job is to listen to your needs, understand your projects and investment plans, helping you to implement them.


For years we have been involved in the research and study of financial and fiscal tools and incentives made available by the various national and regional bodies to encourage the development of the entrepreneurial fabric and the competitiveness of companies.


We check the subjective requirements of your company free of charge, providing a complete picture of the concessions and contributions to which you may have access.


We will accompany you in the facilitation process from the consultancy and preliminary phase up to the reporting of the project, supporting you in the entire process of making your investments.


Our consultants will be able to direct you towards the most suitable solutions for your digitalisation, digital transition 4.0, sustainability, internationalization and development needs by offering you tax breaks (e.g. tax credits), non-repayable grants or subsidized loans in line with yours activity.

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